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December 06, 2010


Internet Watchdog

This is exactly the kind of work that the SEC should be doing. These kind of scammers must be stopped and punished.

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I hope they could get rid of these scammers by putting some hard punishments.

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Great post!
It can be heartbreaking, to hear the numbers, who are getting scammed! So much misery caused by these scammers.


Scammers are one big group that have to be stopped by our SEC department. I have read in a research that no.of people who are getting scammed increase from 1998- 2004 continuosly. I think we have to do something with that.

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I think SEC should focus on this issue. If not resolve this right away, i think it will be a continuous act. Let us join force to fight against scammers.

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This is a kind of issue that all of us should be aware of. I'll keep visiting for more of your updates.


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Bob Pockrandt

It is always saddening to hear about dishonest business dealing. You would think business owners would hold their people to higher standards.


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